Milana Stojadinović Milić

Milana Stojadinović Milić (Serbia), MA, composer and associate professor at the Composition Department of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Stojadinović Milić has authored a number of orchestra and chamber works for various instrumental and vocal ensembles, solo and choral music. Her works have been premièred and reprised many times in Serbia and abroad, released on CDs, including the international project Savremena simfonijska muzika Balkana (Contemporary Symphonic Music in the Balkans). She has collaborated with many pre-eminent performers, chamber and orchestra ensembles, Serbian and foreign alike. Stojadinović Milić has won a number of awards and authored several publicly presented and published works in research and theory. A biographic entry on her appears in seven editions of the lexicon Who is Who in Classical Music, published by Europa Publications from UK.

A Little Cloud on Top of Mount Athos – A Fantasia for Solo Flute dedicated to Ljubiša Jovanović
In the summer of 2018, Ljubiša gave me a sort of ‘homework’: to concentrate on Telemann’s Fantasia No. 8 in E minor for solo flute and see if I could find myself in its sonic universe. In addition to the sound of flute and Ljubiša’s own divine sound as a perennial source of inspiration for me, this masterful intimation of creative affinity was the main driving force behind the making of this little fantasia… Hence also the mini-dialogue with Telemann in its central section. Besides, I also sought inspiration in living images, which almost always ‘haunt’ me when I compose, in the best sense of that word… The most potent among them – a harmless white little cloud stubbornly and comfortably ‘sitting’ right at the top of Mount Athos (which I observed whilst composing the piece) – constitutes the underlying atmosphere of the work and thus somehow transforms the melodic line of the flute into a mélange of sonic and visual associations, imitating the sound of wind trying to ‘chase’ the little cloud, a symbol of peace and serenity, away from the summit, but to no avail…