Tošić Vladimir

(Belgrade, Serbia), composer, multimedia artist and professor at

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Vladimir Tošić(b.Belgrade, Serbia), composer, multimedia artist and professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He graduated as a composer from the same faculty in the class of Vasilije Mokranjac.

Artistic work:

Festival of Experimental Music, Bourges (France 1982), Zagreb Musical Biennial (1983-85-87), New Music and Art Festival, Bowling Green (USA 1987, 2000), International Glass Music Festival, Philadelphia (USA, 2000) festival Musica Nova in Sao Paulo (Brasil, 2000, 2001), New Music Miami ISCM Festival (Miami, 2002), Spaziomusica Festival, Sardegna (Italy 2003), International Festival of Contemporary Music, Lima (Peru, 2004), Deutsches minimal music festival, Kassel, (2005), New Music Festival Duluth, (USA, 2006), International New Music Festival, Las Vegas, (USA, 2006), First Music and Minimalism Conference, University of Wales Bangor (Wales, UK, 2007), Interkulturelles festival,Hamburg (Germany, 2009)…

Vladimir Tošić won first prize at the composition competition Thomas Bloch (Paris, 2000).

Stylistic orientation: The basic approach in his artistic endeavour is the reductionistic principle of composing. All his pieces are based on particularly small number or various elements, sometimes even a single one (timbre, rhythm, harmony…).

Therefore almost every composition of Vladimir Tošić may be said to have certain significant and noticeable common characteristics: processual organization, symmetrical arc form, repetition and insisting on timbre.

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