Zatkalik Miloš

Miloš Zatkalik, was born 17. maјa 1959. Composer and music theorist from Belgrade. MA in Composition, Univeristy of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music (with Vasilije Mokranjac and Rajko Maksimović). BA in English Literature (University of Belgrade)

Associate professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music, head of the Department of Music Theory.Visiting professor at the Art Academies of Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Banjaluka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Lectured by invitation at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Telemark University College, Norway; Texas State University, San Marcos; Hochschule für Musik, Hamburg; Hochschule für Musik, Rostock; Ljubljana University, Slovenia.

Composiitons performed at home and abroad (Germany, USA, Canada, Spain).

Author of several articles published in domestic and foreign periodicals and/or presented at scientific conferences at home and abroad; particular fields of interest: the psychoanalytical foundations of music analysis; relationships between language/literature and music. Also author of a textbook on music analysis on CD, the first such project in Serbia.

Chariman of the Quality Assurance Board of the University of Arts, Belgrade. Editor of the publications of the Department of Music Theory. Member of the Managing Board of the Serbian Composers Association. Member of the jury of Serbia’s most prestigious composition award.

Selected compositions:

Symphony orchestra

  • Of Saralinda, Xingu and the Duke Who Was Swallowed by Golem – A Fable for Large Orchestra (1996)
  • What’s He to Hecuba (1995)
  • Minas Tirit (1986)

Chamber ensembles

  • A Seemingly Innocent Game, for cello, vibraphone and piano (2010)
  • As if Nothing Had Happened, for flute, English horn, clarinet, piano and percussion (2009)
  • Lost Fragments II, for clarinet, cello and piano (2006)
  • Song of a Dead One on Inuit poetry, for baritone, alto flute and two percussionists (2005)
  • The Mad Carriage Greeter from Ch’u, for soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet and percussion (1998)

Chamber string orchestra

  • Four Visions of Absence (2009)
  • Dum Incerta petimus (2003)
  • Lost Fragments I (2001)


  • Manasija, for mixed choir, verses by Vasko Popa (1986)

Solo instruments

  • De te fabula naratur, cello (1999)
  • Vox et praeterea nihil, viola (1997)

Selected scientific papers:

  • “The Aggregate or Have the Notes Lost Orientation?“, Muzikološki zbornik/Musicological Annual XLIV/2, Љубљана, 2008.
  • “Twelve-Tone Aggregates in the Music of Edgard Varese”, Музичка теорија и анализа 5 /Music Theory and Analysis/, Београд, 2008
  • „Берислав Поповић: Балада о изгубљеном тоналитету“ /Berislav Popović – A Ballad about Lost Tonality/, Нови звук бр. 30, Београд, 2007.
  • Muzička analiza I, electornic textbook, Clio, Београд, 2002.
  • “Is There Music in Joyce and Where Do We Look for It“, Joyce Studies Annual, Austin, Texas, 2002.