Bojan Glavina (1961, Slovenia) graduated in organ at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana (the class of Hubert Bergant). He was a teacher at the Music School in Ilirska Bistrica, and currently works as a piano teacher and accompanist at the Centre for Music Education in Koper and Piran. After more than a decade of self-educating in composition, and numerous published score collections for various instruments, he started to study composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana with Marko Mihevc in 2004, graduating this year.

His oeuvre embraces more than 250 works, many of which are performed by renowned musicians in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and orchestras, such as Radio Symphony Orchestra (RTV Ljubljana), Chamber Orchestra of Soloists of Society of Slovene Composers and Coastal Orchestra from Kopar. Bojan Glavina’s pieces have been broadcast in Slovenian and Italian radio stations.

He won a great number of awards for composition at the national and international competitions. He was founder and editor of the music magazine Primorska sozvočja. He is a member of the Society of Slovene Composers.

Zen Preludes, for piano
My most recent piece was written in 2009 on the occasion of the Chamber Night of the Society of Slovene Composers, held on 16th April 2009 in Škofja Loka. Zen Preludes were developed under the influence of reading and thinking on the book The Gateless Barrier (a Chinese collection of kōans and Zen stories from 1228). At first sight kōans seem like absurdities and bizarre wits, but actually they imply complicated queries and stories, which cannot be solved logically, but only by meditation and cognition.

Some of Preludes are titled: 1. Across the Sun; 2. Nineteen Raindrops; 3. Bull’s Footsteps; 4. No Water, no Moon; 5. Ember in Ash; 6. Wild Geese; 7. A Collection of Rocks and Sand; 8. Shape of Sound; 9. The Gateless Barrier.