Friday, 4 October 2019, 8 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Opening Ceremony
Presentation of the Mokranjac Award (for composition)

Tea Dimitrijević and Dejan Subotić Piano Duo LP duo - Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović

Saturday, 5 October 2019, 6 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Members of the Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble: Ana Radovanović, mezzo-soprano, Ana Samardžić, flute, Miljana Popović Materni, violin, Neda Hofman Sretenović, piano
Soloists and chamber musicians: Jelena Vujnović, flute, Jovan Savić, trumpet, Maja Bosnić, voice and piano, Branko Džinović, accordion, Tamara Marinković Tomić, viola, Boban Stošić, double bass, Rastko Uzunović, clarinet, Đorđe Vasiljević, accordion
Belgrade String Quartet (Quintet) - Nevenka Tatić and Vladimir Vasiljević, violins, Ivana Erčić, viola, Dušan Stojanović, violoncello, Ljiljana Vukelja, piano
  • Ana Kazimić (Serbia) - Why? for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, and piano
  • Aleksandar Perunović (Montenegro) - AЯTИAMANTRA IЯOИINORI Variationen und Reaktion über Klavierstücke I-IV von Stockhausen for piano and electronics
  • Maja Bosnić (Serbia) - The Upgrade for a group of musicians with telephones... in a fictional waiting room from a not so distant future
  • Teodora Stepančić (Serbia/SAD) - Clarinet No.__ for clarinet
  • Božo Banović (Serbia) - Mountains for piano quintet
  • Ljubomir Nikolić (Serbia) - Emulations for clarinet and accordion

Saturday, 5 October 2019, 8 pm, Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Maja Smiljanić Radić, organ
Aleksandar Solunac, trumpet
Ivan Marjanović, percussion
Ana Radovanović, mezzo-soprano
Vladimir Dinić, baritone
Miljana Popović Materni, violin
Luka Lopičić, accordion

Sunday, 6 October 2019, 6 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Đorđe Milošević, violoncello
Bojana Szumanski, piano
Vladimir Dinić, baritone
Jovana Radovanović, piano
Miodrag Đorđević, accordion
Panagiotis Andreoglou, accordion
Marko Dražić, accordion
Members of the Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble: Ana Radovanović, mezzo-soprano Srđan Sretenović, violoncello, Neda Hofman Sretenović, piano

Sunday, 6 October 2019, 8 pm, Students' Cultural Centre

in process ensemble for contemporary minimalist music (Germany)
Chan Yang Park, flute, Judith Gerdes, oboe, Di Wang, clarinet / bassclarinet, Bettina Weber, violin Anne-Claudia Renz, viola, Regine Brunke, violoncello, Jörg Müller-Fest, vibes / percussionhelweg Tilman Scheer, marimba / bass guitar, Peter Arens, marimba / electric guitar, Sabine Holzapfel, piano Michael Mantel, piano, Ulli Götte, conductor / piano

Monday, 7 October 2019, 6 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Nikola Peković, accordion
Tijana Milošević and Ksenija Milošević, violins
Boris Brezovac, viola
Nemanja Stanković, violoncello
Maja Mihić, piano
Goran Marinković, bassoon
Ensemble Studio 6: Bojana Pantović, violin, Nenad Marković, trumpet, Milana Zarić, harp Vladimir Blagojević, accordion, Ivan Marjanović, percussion
  • Laura Mjeda Čuperjani (Croatia) - Reverse Reverse for accordion and string quartet
  • Petra Strahovnik (Slovenia) - Crop circle for violin, violoncello and accordion
  • Chatori Shimizu (Japan) - Fiddle for string quartet
  • Diana Čemeryté (Lithuania/Germany) - Jahre Ohne Mozart for accordion and string quartet
  • Sonja Mutić (Serbia/SAD) - All Your Worlds for violin, trumpet, harp accordion and percussion
  • Nataša Bogojević (Serbia/SAD) - Sonority of Kafana for violoncello, violin, accordion, piano and bassoon

Monday, 7 October 2019, 8 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Presentation of the Pavle Stefanović Award (for music criticism and writing on music)

Ljubiša Jovanović, flute, Katarina Jovanović, mezzo-soprano, Rastko Popović, viola, Ivan Bašić, piano Aleksandra Milanović, violin, Bojana Szumanski, piano, Mirjana Nešković and Jelena Dimitrijević, violins, Nataša Petrović, viola, Nemanja Stanković, violoncello, Edit Makedonska, violin, Sandra Belić, violoncello, Gorana Ćurgus, harp, Uki Ovaskainen, piano, Vladimir Korać, electronics, Paul Pankert, electronics
  • Predrag Repanić (Serbia) - Dr Wolfi and Mr Haydn in a new episode: Sonata (quasi una fantasia) - non facile, per pianoforte e orchestraoke ossia Moz-Art á la Haydn et vice versa
  • Fani Kosona (Greece) - Flow Imprints for violin and piano
  • Paul Pankert (Belgium) - Fake-Flutes for flute and live electronics
  • Mirjana Živković (Serbia) - А Little Quartet for Friends for violin, violoncello, harp and piano
  • Milana Stojadinović Milić (Serbia) - A Little Cloud on Top of Mount Athos fantasia for solo flute
  • Goran Marinković (Serbia) - (4) + 1 = 2 za for electric viola in five parts
  • Zoran Erić (Serbia) - Dedication to the Nature for flute
  • Isidora Žebeljan (Serbia) - When God Made Dubrovnik for mezzo-soprano and string quartet

Tuesday, 8 October 2019, 8 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Presentation of the Aleksandar Pavlović Award (for promoting Serbian music)

SISU percussion ensemble (Norway)
Tomas Nilsson, artistic director, Bjørn-Christian Svarstad, Bjørn Skansen
  • Ivana Stefanović (Serbia) - Whither with a bird in the palm for percussion ensemble and tape
  • Arne Nordheim (Norway) - Respons 1-IV for percussion and electronics
  • Rob Waring (Norway) - Sikoté Sukán

Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 6 pm, Composers' Association of Serbia

Branka Popović
A story about China told from a personal perspective

Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 8 pm, Students' Cultural Centre, Great Hall

Svetlost – Proboji
Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble: Ivanka Muhadinović, flute, Sanja Romić, oboe Veljko Klenkovski, clarinet, Dušan Mamula, bass clarinet, Goran Marinković, bassoon, Milan Roksandić, horn, Aleksandar Solunac, trumpet, Aleksandar Benčić, trombone, Mirjana Nešković, violin, Miljana Popović Materni, violin, Ljubomir Milanović, viola, Srđan Sretenović, violoncello, Boban Stošić, double bass, Mina Marinković, harp, Neda Hofman Sretenović, piano, Relja Turudić, guitar, Ivan Marjanović, percussion
Guest Appearances:
Mina Marković, soprano
Vuk Zekić, baritone
Vladimir Blagojević, accordion
Vladimir Cvijić, piano
Conductors: Ivan Marković and Draško Adžić
  • Vladimir Tošić (Serbia) - MOTUS 2 – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Second Movement
  • Sungji Hong (South Korea) - The Tempest for soprano and 12 instruments
  • Marco Longo (Italy) - Light - Lapse for large ensemble
  • Draško Adžić (Serbia) - The Anamnesis of Miron Goldenberg, Esq. a short tavern song for baritone and nonet
  • Emre Sihan Kaleli (Turkey) - Five Love Songs, for chamber ensemble
  • Lazar Đorđević (Serbia) - Trinity for 15 instruments

A word from the selector

Welcome to the 28th International Review of Composers!

This year, our Call for Submissions was answered by some 240 works, 60 of which were selected for performance in one of the nine concerts to take place during the Festival’s six days.

For the most part, this year’s programme comprises solo instrumental works and pieces for various types of small chamber ensembles, with and without electronics. This abundance of musical finery and delicate com-binations of sound will be interwoven with another three concerts: one dedicated to works for two pianos, one dedicated to works for organ combined with trumpet, violin, accordion, percussion, or voices, and an-other concert featuring pieces for chamber ensembles, but this time larger, though not for that reason any less ‘colourful’ ensembles. Our performers this year will include the renowned LP Duo, as well as Tea Dimitrijević and Dejan Subotić’s piano duo, the Construction Site Con-temporary Music Ensemble led by Ivan Marković, as well as a number of established musicians dedicated to the performance of contemporary art music. This year’s Review will also include performances by in process, a German ensemble dedicated to the performance of minimalist music, who will present a programme comprising works by some of the most prominent authors associated with this style, such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich, as well as important more recent works, and SISU, the Norwegian percus-sion ensemble, who will perform works by Norwegian and Serbian com-posers.

Branka Popović