in process

Formed in 1985, in process represents one of the rare minimalistic orchestras around. Ulli Götte, composer and head of the group, is pushing the limits of serious and light music with his compositions.
in process has always had an affinity for exploring new musical spaces, which resulted in diverse multi media projects. The creative versatility of the ensemble, reflected in the ‚KlangWelten‘ tour 1989 and in joint projects with the dance group ‚Regenbogen‘ from Koblenz, Germany, with a light/music-project from 1994.
In the year 1997, when the documenta presents itself for the tenth time in Kassel, in process will in turn initiate the first German Minimal Music Festival. A contribution to the worldwide most important exhibition of modern art, which hopes to encourage this perhaps unique authentic form of world music to receive more attention.
Today, in process performs in concerts with emphasis on workshops, lectures and discussions. More than 350 concerts not only in Germany. Minimal Music will always be part of their life and the group‘s goal is to contribute to the development of this great music with their own compositions.
National and international Concerts (extract):
Berlin (Hochschule der Künste), Bremen (Glocke), Cottbus (Akademie), Dessau (Kurt-Weill-Zentrum), Dortmund (Westfalenhalle), Dresden (Kulturzentrum), Düsseldorf (Tonhalle), Essen (Saalbau), Frankfurt (Alte Oper), Hamburg (Musikhalle), Kaiserslautern (Pfalzgalerie), Köln (Philharmonie), Middelburg (Conzertsaal/Netherland), München (Residenz), Nürnberg (Theater-Festival), Potsdam (Nicolai-Saal), Riga (Dom/Lettland), Schwerin (Kunstmuseum), Stuttgart (Liederhalle), Uelzen (Hundertwasser-Bahnhof), Vilnius (Kunstmuseum/Litania)
Repertory (extract):
Music of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Michael Nyman, Tom Johnson, Erik Satie, John Cage, Arvo Pärt, Frank Zappa, Vladimir Tosic, Steve Martland, William Susman, Ulli Götte, original Music from Africa and India
Chan Yang Park, flute; Judith Gerdes, oboe; Di Wang, clarinet / bassclarinet; Bettina Weber, violin; Anne-Claudia Renz, viola; Regine Brunke, violoncello: Jörg Müller-Fest, vibes / percussionhelweg; Tilman Scheer, marimba / bass guitar; Peter Arens, marimba / electric guitar; Sabine Holzapfel, piano; ­Michael Mantel, piano; Ulli Götte, conductor / piano

Concert of in process in Belgrade
is financially supported by Goethe Institute