Thursday, 5 October 2017, 6 PM, Hall of the Composers’ Association of Serbia

A Review at the Review
Pushing formal and structural limits
On the works of Patterson, Vasks, Saariaho, Berio, and Rzewski
Talks by Dr Biljana Leković and Milan Milojković, musicologists

Thursday, 5 October 2017, 8 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Gala opening
Presentation of the Mokranjac Award
Collegium Musicum Academic Choir
Dragana Jovanović, conducting
Saša Mirković, viola
Srđan Sretenović, violoncello

Friday, 6 October 2017, 6 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

The provocations of new means of expression
Nataša Penezić, piano (doctoral artistic project)

Friday, 6 October 2017, 8 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

The Choir of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation for the Review of Composers
Conducting: Olga Milićević and Bojan Suđić
Soloists: Radmila Vladetić Ivanišević, soprano and Vanja Biserčić, tenor
  • Damjan JovičinAn Homage to Love
  • Draško Adžić - The Voice of the Lord
  • Ivana StefanovićIf the Lord Refuses
  • Minta AleksinačkiPsalm 139
  • Svetislav BožićThe Troops of Patriarch Pavle
  • Rajko Maksimović - Hamlet
  • Srđan Hofman - What have I said
  • Mirjana Živković - A Drop in the Sea
  • Milan Mihajlović - The Sea
  • Aleksandar Vujić - He Vowed, He Reneged

Saturday, 7 October 2017, 6 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Music for harp and electronics
Milana Zarić, acoustic and electric harp
Richard Barrett, electronics

Saturday, 7 October 2017, 8 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Structures, colours, atmospheres
Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble
Ivan Marković, conducting
  • Mihaela Vosganian (Romania), Symmetries III for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano, violin, violoncello and processed sounds
  • Anton Svetlichny (Russia) – Looney Tunes Season I, for flute, violin, and piano
  • Srđan Hofman (Serbia) – No Waking – In Search of Arnold Schoenberg’s “Pierrot” for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, mezzo-soprano, piano, and electronics
  • Nemanja Radivojević (Serbia/Switzerland) – And the Angel Saw the Black Swan for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, horn, percussion, and string quartet
  • Elmir Nizamov (Russia) – The Sun, the Moon, and the Trith, for oboe, violin, viola, and piano
  • Zesses Seglias (Greece) – sonnet98_fragments, for soprano, bass clarinet, and percussion
  • Vladan Radovanović (Serbia) – Instella, for flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, viola, and violoncello

Sunday, 8 October 2017, 6 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Festival ensembles - Metamorphosis Ensemble
Ivan Marković, conducting
Dragana Tomić, piano
  • Jasna Veljanović (Serbia) – Threnody, for violin and accordion
  • Sonja Mutić (Serbia) – Weiss, for violin, violoncello, accordion, and piano
  • Dalibor Đukić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Wind Quartet No. 1
  • Ivan Jevtić (Serbia/France) – Atmosphères, for piano
  • Petra Strahovnik (Slovenia) – Attraction, for flute, clarinet, trombone, viola, violoncello, piano and percussion
  • Darija Andovska (Macedonia) – Illuminations, for string quartet
  • Mirjana Živković (Serbia) – Balada o Dositeju (A Ballad about Dositej), for baritone and piano
  • Lazar Đorđević (Serbia) – Jednom sam negde čuo... (I Once Heard, Somewhere…), for clarinet, accordion and string quartet

Sunday, 8 October 2017, 8 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Structures and atmospheres
Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble
Ivana Pavlović, Milena Stanišić – harps
Slobodan Gerić, double bass
Katarina Jovanović, soprano
Milica Ilić, piano
Mirjana Nešković, violin
  • Aleksandar Perunović (Montenegro) – Mozart schtirbt, for violin, violoncello, and piano
  • Ljubomir Nikolić (Serbia) – Arche I and III, for flute
  • Tatjana Milošević (Serbia) – Adonis i Galateja (Adonis and Galatea), mini-opera for mezzo-soprano, baritone, violoncello, and piano
  • Paul Patterson (Great Britain) – Scorpions, for two harps
  • Ivana Stefanović (Serbia) – Tišina (Silence), for violin, voice, and piano
  • Pēteris VasksBass Trip, for double bass
  • Svetlana Savić (Serbia) – O vukovima i vozovima (On Wolves and Trains), for mezzo-soprano, electric violoncello and live electronics

Monday, 9 October 2017, 6 PM, Guarnerius Art Centre

Presentation of the Pavle Stefanović Award for music criticism and writing
Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble
Ivan Vukosavljević, electric guitar
Rade Pejčić, conducting
  • Justina Repečkaitė (Lithuania) – Tapisserie, for  flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano
  • Ada Gentile (Italy) – Un Suono Lontano, for flute, violin, violoncello, and piano
  • Ivan Vukosavljević (Serbia/Netherlands) – Trills, Spills & Bellyaches, for electric guitar
  • Branka Popović(Serbia) – Four Darks in Red, Impressions of Rothko, for clarinet, violin, and piano
  • Stanislava Gajić (Serbia) – Pokajnička (Penitential), for voice, flute, and string quartet
  • Dragan Latinčić (Serbia) – F ragmenti plavog (Fragments of Blue), for flute, violin, violoncello, and piano
  • Vladimir Korać (Serbia) – Reflections, for flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin, violoncello, double bass, and piano

Monday, 9 October 2017, 8 PM, Guarnerius Art Centre

Inhale – Exhale
Nada Kolundžija – A Little Anthology of Piano Music (1914–2014)
The publication, comprising 3 CDs and a book, will be discussed by Zorica Premate, Ana Kotevska, Ivana Miladinović Prica, and Zorica Kojić
The concert segment will be performed by Nada Kolundžija

Tuesday, 10 October, 6 PM, Students’ Cultural Center , Great Hall

Concertante Chamber Orchestra of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Niš
Milena Injac, conducting
Anđela Bratić, flute
Jovanka Kerković Aranđelović, piano
  • Božo Banović (Serbia) – Preludijum (Prelude), for strings
  • Nickos Harizanos (Greece) – Night without Moonlight, for solo flute, strings, and glockenspiel
  • Dragan Tomić (Serbia) – Konstantinova fuga (Constantine’s Fugue), for strings
  • Vuk Kulenović (Serbia/USA) – Mehanički Orfej (Mechanical Orpheus), for strings
  • Claudia Montero (Argentina) – Concierto en blanco y negro, concerto for piano and strings

Tuesday, 10 October, 8 PM, Kolarac Endowment Hall

Presentation of the Aleksandar Pavlović Award for promoting Serbian music
Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation
Bojan Suđić, conducting
Vladimir Cvijić, piano
  • Jug Marković (Serbia) – Vokativ (Vocative), for orchestra
  • Isidora Žebeljan (Serbia) – Zujte strune... (Hum Away, Strings!), orchestra metamorphosis on themes from Mozart’s Magic Flute
  • Stanko Simić (Serbia) – Viewing the Skies, for orchestra
  • Vladimir Tošić (Serbia) – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, third movement
  • Wenhui Xie (China) – When the Sun-rays Come, for orchestra
  • Jugoslav Bošnjak (Serbia) – Veliki prasak (Big Bang), for orchestra

A word from the selector

Welcome to the 26th International Review of Composers!
This year, we received more than 400 submissions and over the next six days, 55 works will be performed in ten concerts. In addition to the selected pieces, composed over the past three years, the programme will also include several works by another four composers who are all active and internationally well-established, generationally close but poetically quite different, with clearly defined and individualistic views of contemporary music. These are works by British composer Paul Patterson, Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks, Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, and US composer Frederic Rzewski.

A significant portion of this year’s programme is dedicated to solo pieces that call for a special kind of commitment on the part of the performer as well as a special penchant for interpreting contemporary music. This kind of commitment allows that music keep evolving every day, taking new shapes and bringing novelties reflecting the moment of its emergence. Saša Mirković will perform solo viola works by Serbian composers, commissioned by him and inspired by Bach’s Cello Suites. Milana Zarić will present works for harp and electronics, while bassist Slobodan Gerić will perform Bass Trip by Pēteris Vasks, one of those pieces that were originally deemed impossible to perform, but have, over the years, shed that distinction, due to improvements in performance technique. For the sake of enlarging the circle of performers interested in the interpretation of most recent achievements in contemporary art music and in order to entice the youngest generation of instrumentalists, this year’s Review will also feature Concertante Chamber Orchestra, which comprises students from the Faculty of Arts in Niš (Serbia). The programme will also include the doctoral art project of pianist Nataša Penezić, which she will defend at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, featuring the Serbian première of Marriage by Frederic Rzewski, a work for a singing pianist, as well as Luciano Berio’s Piano Sonata, one of the most imaginative recent works written for the instrument.

A series of chamber and vocal pieces will be performed by Collegium Musicum Academic Choir led by Dragana Jovanović, Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble and Metamorphosis chamber ensemble, as well as a number of other prominent Serbian musicians. Some of the works featured in the programme will also be presented on by musicologists.

In the closing concert, the Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, under the leadership of Bojan Suđić, will present works by the youngest generation of Serbian composers, in addition to those of their more established colleagues.

Finally, the programme will also include a concert of the Choir of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, a gift to the Review of Composers, featuring works by Serbian authors, some of which were selected at the contemporary music competition organised last year by the Music Production of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as a presentation of Udah – izdah: Mala antologija muzike za klavir (1914–2014) (Inhale – Exhale: A Little Anthology of Piano Music (1914–2014)) by the pianist Nada Kolundžija.

Branka Popović
Programme Selector of the
International Review of Composers