Teodora Stepančić

Teodora Stepančić (Serbia/USA) is a composer, pianist and curator based in Brooklyn, creator and organizer of Piano+ and SharedSpace, two concert series focused on works that speak in a hushed outsider’s voice that does not draw attention to itself, and stresses generosity, intimacy, attentiveness and spirit. Teodora’s musical activity is intertwined with social activity, she spends time with musicians from different backgrounds, creating events and music where all participants are equal – composers, performers, listeners -, where the work is there to be experienced simply, without expectations or preconceptions.
Teodora Stepančić studied piano and composition in Belgrade and The Hague. She is a founding member of experimental group LCollective and label LoveRecords (NY), pianist of Ensemble Modelo62 (NL), and part of ambient dj and live electronic duo Stepančić-Gidron. Her recent and upcoming projects include performances at Klangraum (Düsseldorf), DogStar (Los Angeles), Conversations (Canada), Chances&Circumstances (New York), concert tours in Switzerland, Germany, US and Netherlands, CD releases on Another Timbre, Dumpf and Indexical, and writing for Kunstmusik and Standing Waves.

Clarinet No.__ is an infinite collection of works. For every clarinet player interested in playing this piece, a new score will be developed, all sharing the same form and general timing. The pieces can be performed solo or simultaneously as duos, trios and up to an infinite number of clarinets. When performed alone, the pieces have their own identities, intervals and harmonic structures. When overlapped, it is as if one draws something on a piece of transparent paper, then draws the same on another paper, and again and again, and then the drawings are placed on top of each other. The result, I imagine, is the original image distorted, the lines become blurry, displaced elements create new shapes.