Ihar Komar

Ihar Komar (Republic of Belarus) – 4th year student of the Belarusian State Academy of Music (composition faculty), prof. Galina Gorelova; owner of a grant of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus to support talented young people; winner of a special award from the French publishing house Chant du Monde: V.Ya. Shebalina; winner of many competitions and author of film music.

An Islet in the Sea of Japan is a work that creates a subtle philosophical, and slightly mystical image inspired by the unique atmosphere of the Japanese Kabuki Theater, the deep poetry of Japanese authors, the strong connection between national folklore and the present. The image is created by various methods including absolutely new author’s solutions. The performer is faced with the task of sinking from the first note into the ephemeral phantom, and at the same time prominently theatrical atmosphere of this performance. The organic plexus of seemingly difficult-to-match elements represents to us an action filled with verified movements appearing to be a fascinating dance filled with unity with the nature and pacification.