Jovica Mutavdžić (1978, Serbia) received his basic music education from the “Stevan Mokranjac” Music School in Raška and “Dr Vojislav Vučković” Music School in Belgrade, studying accordion. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where he studied composition with Milan Mihajlović.

He won Second Prize at the International Competition for Accordionists in Morro d’Oro, Italy (1995) and received the Josip Slavenski Award for his graduation composition Selo u podnožju vulkana (Villages at the Foot of Volcano) for symphonic orchestra.

Jovica Mutavdžić lives in Raška, where he teaches accordion at the Music School “Stevan Mokranjac”.

Variations, piano trio
The composition consists of an introduction, theme and eight variations. The theme and the variations are mainly appeared in variants of simple binary and ternary forms. The macroplan of piece is completed by the eighth variation, which is based on material from the introduction. The composition could be divided into four parts: 1. introduction, theme and first variation; 2. second, third and fourth variations; 3. fifth and sixth variations; 4. seventh and eighth variations. Working with harmony, polyrhythm, tempo and texture changes, the character of the theme is being transformed. In terms of dramatic strucutre, the composition seems to be ascending from its beginning to the culmination point in the sixth variation, followed by appeasement.