Vladimir Tošić (Belgrade, Serbia), composer, multimedia artist, full time professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He studied composition with Vasilije Mokranjac at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

He was awarded first prize at the Thomas Bloch composition concourse (Paris, 2000).

Vladimir Tošić’s pieces are regularly performed in national and international concert halls and festivals of contemporary music throughout the world: 2009, Kansas City (USA); 2008, Florida (USA); 2006, Duluth (USA), Las Vegas (USA); 2006, Kassel (Germany); 2004, Lima (Peru); 2003, Sardinia (Italy); 2002, Florida (USA); 2000 and 2001, Sao Paolo (Brasil); 2000 Bowling Grin (USA), Philadelphia (USA)…

Vladimir Tošić’s pieces were published on numerous CD editions in Serbia and the USA, among which the CD Melange stands out (PGP RTS 2000).

The basis of composer’s creative approach is the reductionist principle of construction. All his works are processual, repetitive and based on a very small number of different elements, sometimes even one (color, rhythm, harmony…).

The most important pieces: Varial, Dual, Trial, Voksal, Fisija, Fuzija, Altus…

Motus, duo for piano and orchestra
Motus for piano and orchestra was composed at first as a piece for two pianos, eight hands. Since the piece was very well received by performers and audiences I have decided to enhance somehow that energy of motion. That is why I have chosen to give it to the most powerful musical duo, piano and orchestra treated in this case as equals.

The piece is based on the series of fifths. The fifths realize sound vertical as well as horizontal. The form has five sections with varied melodic and harmonic material of the beginning.

In this piece, to the recognizable and typical features of my previous pieces – processual organization, repetitiveness, symmetry, etc. – faster tempo, more vivid rhythms, more powerful dynamics and above all, MOTION, were added. In that manner the flow of events in time is enlarged and better communication is attained.

This is the first performance of the Motus for piano and orchestra.

The fact that this Review is dedicated to the memory of my dear professor Vasilije Mokranjac, to whom I am still attached by strong and vivid memories, gives me a great pleasure. That is why I dedicate this performance to him.