Srđan Jaćimović (1960-2006), composer, professor and producer, began his studies with Vasilije Mokranjac. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Composition and Orchestration, and he earned his M.A. degree from the same Faculty, studuing with Vlastimir Trajković.

He was an assistent for the subjects of harmony and counterpoint at the School of Higher Music Education in Niš (since 1987) and later at the Faculty of Arts in Niš. From 1995 until 2006 he worked at Radio as a producer for the classical music recordings.

The most important works: Variations on Bartok’s Theme for two pianos (1981), String Quartet (1985), Sonata for violin and piano (1983), Her purple haired father (1983), La flamme de l’orange for symphony orchestra (1987), Scenes, looking back for symphony orchestra (1989), Out of Poe, cantata for two sopranos and electronics (1988), Madrigal de la Honte for mixed choir, What’s going on? for symphony orchestra (1990), Three movements for guitar solo (1991), Mirska pjenija, choreographic images for soloists, orchestra and choir (1993), The Trachiniae, cantata after Sophocles for soloists, orchestra and choir (1994, commissioned for the opening of the Yugoslave Choir Festival in Niš), Circles for violin and piano (1995), Shadows for piano solo (1996), Movement for clarinet solo (1997), opera Under the sign of Mephistopheles after Goethe (1997), A small Rag with Russian Flavour for string quartet (1998), Simple prayers for choir a capella (2000), Six songs from the North after Miloš Crnjanski for soprano and string quartet (2000), Akatist to the Saint Apostle Andrew for mixed choir).

He is an author of several books and studies on music theory and sacral music.

As a composer he is featured on the CD Worldpremieres(TV Belgrade and PGP RTS, 1997). He composed incidental music, he orchestrated Brecht’s songs for the CD (PGP RTS, 1998). TV Novi Sad made the artistic portrait of Srđan Jaćimović (Harmony of the Spheres, 1996).

He wrote original music for the film Beloodelo(WhiteSuit,1999), recorded subsequently on CD.