Vladimir Tošić (1949, Belgrade) is a composer, multi-media artist and full professor of the Faculty of music in Belgrade.

He studied composition in the class of Vasilije Mokranjac, and worked in music schools Stanković and Mokranjac. Since 1986 he has taught Counterpoint, Harmony and Analysis at the Faculty of Music.

The basis of his creative approach is the principle of reduction which in his work reflects in a considerably diminished quantity of the materials, techniques and parameters employed. It is for this reason that his works are based on a very small number of various elements, sometimes only one (timbre, rhythm, harmony…). He makes particular use of, and carefully develops, precisely those characteristics of sound that used to be considered inferior (timbre, for instance), whereas the traditionally primary parameters (e.g. pitch) pushes into background. Almost all works by Vladimir Tošić share clearly visible properties,  namely  1.  processual organization, 2. symmetric  arch  form,  3. repetitiveness and 4. insisting on timbres.

He is concerned with the expansion of the musical medium through audio-visual synthesis in the broadest sense; thus, he created a number of diverse works: visual (musical graphics, musical objects), ambient, stage, conceptual, video, photo, slides…