Vladimir Tošić (Belgrade), is the composer, multimedia artist, professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He graduated from the same faculty in the class of composition of Vasilije Mokranjac. He is the winner of the first prize at the composers’ composition Thomas Bloch (Paris, 2000).

The works of Vladimir Tošić are regularly performed in the country and abroad, and they are also presented at important festivals of contemporary music worldwide (USA, Germany, Peru, Italy, Brazil…) His music has been recorded on several CDs published in Serbia and the USA, including the portrait CD Melange (PGP RTS 2000).

His fundamental creative principle is reductionism. All of his works are based on process composition, repetition and a very small number of different elements, sometimes just one (timbre, rhythm, harmony…).

The most important works of Vladimir Tošić: Varial, Dual, Trial, Voxal, Fisia, Fusion, Altus…

Altus, for orchestra

The piece Altuswas composed on commission of the festival of solo song in Novi Bečej, and initially it was written for bass (male voice) and piano. In this composition, the recognisable traits of my earlier works – process based organisation, repetitiveness, symmetry etc., are combined with faster tempo and livelier rhythmic component, increasing the number of musical events in time. Compared to the majority of my earlier works, the rigidness of the compositional procedure is slightly lessened in favour of more acceptable acoustic solutions. The piece is based on an eight note harmonics mode, which is varied in three parts of the piece in different ways.

Since the piece has been well accepted by the audience and performers, I have decided to make a version for the orchestra (in 2008) and this is the premiere of the new version.