Vladimir Pejković (1976, Belgrade) studied at the Department for Composition at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, in the class of Zoran Erić. In addition to his work as a composer, he is active as sound designer, producer, bass guitar player and pianist. From mid-nineties until now, the dominant field of his work has been theatre music (Sterija Prize in 2005, among other awards), music for TV series and films (Karađorđe - Yustat Award in 2004)… He was one of the composers in the project Tesla – Total Reflection (produced by Jugokoncert and Yugoslav Drama Theater, 2006) and the author of rap opera The Land of Happiness (Belef, 2007).


Jesen (Autumn) was composed in November 2007… it is the first composition of the cycle entitled The Four Seasons Yet Again, or maybe that won’t be the title… In autumn, one resumes his life in the past year… Melancholy reaches its peak… “In November I can’t wait for January, because then I already think that May is near!” (B. Ćopić)… Maybe in order to welcome autumn again… Dedicated to Piano Duo LP.