Pertti Jalava (b. 1960 in Turku, Finland) is mainly self-taught composer. He attended Suomen Musiikki-Teatteri ry, half-year studies in music for the stage with Craig Bohmler (1993), a workshop under the direction of Harri Suilamo at the University of Turku (1998), and composition laboratories by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jalava has composed numerous works for orchestra (including two symphonies and a piano concerto), various ensemble line-ups and choir. He has also written a considerable volume for big band and his own jazz ensembles, in which he has played drums and keyboards. His works for string orchestra, wind orchestra, chamber ensemble, jazz ensemble and big band won many prizes at national and international competitions for composers (among them, first prizes in Lahti, Finland and Mouscrom, Belgium). Music of Pertti Jalava is performed by Finnish and foreign orchestras, under many distinguished conductors. Several concerts comprising some 40 works by Jalava have been recorded and broadcasted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). He is a winner of numerous grants in Finland (Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi, Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music – LUSES, National Council for Music, Sibelius Foundation, Ministry of education, etc.). He is a member of the The Society of Finnish Composers and Teosto, Finnish Composers Copyright Society.

Solid Opinion
This energetic work has been adapted from a three piece suite: Forms Of Opinion.

Behind the title is the playful thought, that as any substance has three different forms of existence, opinions can also be divided into three forms. This opening movement, Solid Opinion rushes through various situations and gets sometimes into violent crisis, but despite of that, doesn’t change so much. I have arranged this suite also for symphonic wind orchestra. That version reached among the top three works in the international competition Composizione originale per banda – 2005, in Corciano, Italy. Recently I composed the fourth movement Mediation and titled that version Symphony no 3. I don’t want to tie listeners’ attention into composition techniques or tools; I consider them meaningless while listening and experiencing music. Because I also think it’s not interesting to give a list of what is happening during the performance, I ended up to just briefly tell something about my attitude in listening and composing music.

Art music’s basic mission is to give an opportunity for its listeners, performers and composer too to experience something, sometimes deeply. Naturally it’s welcome, not forbidden, that we all also enjoy the music. I don’t like too scientific attitude in music composing, because music is not science, but art.

I consider different composing methods and techniques, which I use in my work, only as tools and means to limit material so it’s easier to make decisions and give the work unity. I avoid getting stuck with these sometimes very mathematic and artificial means by considering them as rules. I want to give intuition its important role.

I ask you to relax and open your mind to experience the music freely. Please, enjoy: Pertti Jalava

P.S. It is allowed to smile during the performance.