Paul Ajres

Paul Ayres was born in London (UK), studied music at Oxford University, and now works freelance as a composer & arranger, choral conductor & musical director, and organist & accompanist.

Paul’s music is widely performed, with pieces commissioned by choirs, ensembles, schools, churches and individual musicians across the world. His works have been awarded prizes in composition competitions in Canada, Croatia, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

As an organist, Paul particularly enjoys playing music of the seventeenth century, and contemporary works – he has given premieres of dozens of pieces by fellow composers. He has also developed a niche in making sophisticated transcriptions, arrangements and adaptations of pop music. Of his solo CD “Handel-Inspired”, The Gramophone wrote: “Ayres is outstanding as composer, arranger, editor and skilful player… this CD is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and original recordings I’ve heard.”

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Paul Ayres’s Toccata is based on a five-note sequence D A C G F – the name “Tyson” spelled in musical letters – it is one of several pieces written as a birthday gift to the friend of the composer, Eric Tyson. In structure, the Toccata follows the French symphonic organ music tradition, and in style, there are influences of pop and rock music.