Tatjana Milošević

Tatjana Milošević (Serbia) holds a BA and MA degree in composition from the class of Prof. Zoran Erić at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, who also supervised her doctoral artistic project – a two-act chamber opera titled Ko je ubio princezu Mond (Who Killed Princess Mond, 2013). She now teaches as an assistant professor (docent) at the same department. As a visiting professor, she also taught at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia (USA). She was also a lecturer and jury member at the 15th Young Composers Meeting in Apeldoorn, Holland.

Works by Milošević have been performed at numerous major festivals and concerts of contemporary music in most countries of Europe, the United States, South Korea, as well as Serbia and the region. In her extensive oeuvre, especially noteworthy are the following pieces: Sjaj Betelgeza ili tajna crvenog džina (The Lights of Betelgeuse or the Secret of a Red Giant), the piece that represented Serbia at the 1997 World Music Days in Seoul (South Korea), CoinciDance, a ballet performed by De Ereprijs ensemble at the 2009 Groeten uit Arnhem festival in Arnhem (Netherlands); Buzzle, premièred in 2000 on the jazz stage of BIMUHUIS as part of New Blues for Piano, a project by Dutch pianist Marcel Worms… Sponsored by UNESCO, she participated in Waterproof, a project that included a performance and publication of her electronic piece Tribute for Fort Honswijk 2001. Milošević has won numerous Serbian and international music awards.

According to an ancient Tibetan belief, Chatatutu is a tiny bird that personifies love, beauty, and wisdom. It is a common motive in Tibetan folk tales, in which good always prevails over evil. There is also the belief that wearing an amulet featuring the bird may bring good fortune.

The piece was commissioned by Singidunum ensemble.