Rodney Waschka (USA), composer and expert in computer music, is best known for his algorithmic compositions, unusual operas, and theater pieces. Recently, the London Schubert Players chamber orchestra recorded his Winter Concerto for trumpet soloist, piano, and strings on the European Odyssey CD, “As You Like It”.Waschka is Professor of Arts Studies at North Carolina State University where he directs the Arts NOW Series and the North Carolina Computer Music Festival.

Sayings – texts by Nathan Leaf and Rodney Waschka

Sayings is an ongoing collection of short pieces for choir by Waschka and Leaf based on folk sayings and curses from different countries. The settings are made in English, but the spoken parts are best performed in the language of the audience. The sung syllables are nonsense words and phrases made by breaking up the original text or by translating it to Latin. The pieces are intended to be light, short, and fun. This collection has a saying from Poland, a curse from Ireland, and a saying from America.