Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) is a composer and digital media artist currently residing in Sydney. His works are increasingly performed, exhibited and presented internationally at festivals, concert halls, conferences, galleries and other locations and he has received over 20 international and national citations for his compositions. Recent activities include a 2011 Churchill Fellowship, 2010 ABC Media Arts Fellowship (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and numerous location-based field recording expeditions throughout the Amazon, West Indies, Northern Europe, Australia, Mid East and the high Arctic/ North Pole. Whilst entirely self-taught in electro-acoustic music and digital media, he has formally studied at a number of Australian universities including, COFA – UNSW and the University of Wollongong where his doctoral degree in composition was recommended for special commendation.

Jeu fabriqué  – Recollections of industry, fabrication and the mechanical arts provided the foundation for jeu fabriqué… As a child, the seemingly endless mechanised space of my father’s workshop, and all the sonic activity contained within, became augmented through my imagination. Each time I would visit the workshop, an expansive spectral palate seemed to unfold, where work tools, the shapes and sounds of these tools and the spaces surrounding them provided vehicles of discovery… Tools became toys, articulating the imagined. The workshop was a place of motion, industry and invention…Positioned within dense foliage (and home to much birdlife), I was not surprised to find that my recollections of the workshop were entwined with images of its surroundings. Throughout the work, intersecting patterns, gestures and spaces are presented to the listener, modulating between the abstract and the concrete… Images are plotted, and sights and sounds unravel, as recollection and chimera become fused. The material heard in the piece was generated from recordings of toy tools, real tools, imagined spaces and real spaces, all of which attempt to typify some of the sonorities and images found within an environment of fabrication, invention and imagination.