In every regular motion, there is music.
Music is an ideal motion 
(Božidar Knežević)

Founded in 2010, Trio Pokret (Eng: Trio Motion) grew out of the need for three performers who would completely devote themselves to the most current music trends. At the core of their interest are the works of contemporary Serbian composers. Having performed all the existing works written for this kind of ensemble by the local composers, Trio Pokret has “motioned to compel” other composers to write new works. Trio Pokret’s performances of the most current compositions brings energy and excitement to the contemporary Serbian music scene, while at same time enriching the collection of works available for this atypical ensemble. All the compositions by Serbian composers performed in this concert have been commissioned by Trio Pokret. Keeping the trio at its core, Trio Pokret intends to expand into an ensemble that moves and unites other musicians and like-minded artists with a common goal of transforming every new performance into a unique artistic experience.
Madlen Stokić Vasiljević, violin, Miloš Nikolić, clarinet and Maja Mihić, piano

* Marija Misita, violin, Nemanja Stanković, cello