Božo Banović (1963, Serbia) graduated in composition from the Belgrade Faculty of Music (studying with Rajko Maksimović and Vlastimir Trajković). His pieces were performed at previous International Reviews of Composers, festivals Obzorja na Tisi (Novi Bečej), Guitar Open Festival in Subotica, as well as in Slovenia, Italy, Republic of South Africa, and Russia. He teaches and performs.

The suite Four Parts of a Kingdom (Četiri kraja kraljevstva) for flute and guitar was written in 2008. Although its title could mean different things, it actually speaks only of “four music landscapes” (in Serbian: “krajolik”, “kraj” could mean landscape, as well as end, the end). The movements are: I – Andantino semplice; II – Veloce; III – Largo; IV – Allegro giocoso.