Dragana S. Jovanović (1963, Serbia) – composer, assistant professor at the Department of Music Theory, Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

Let’s Playis a mini choreo-dramatic suite for violin and flute meant for a child violin player and a flutist – a grownup player. Both act during the movements.

In the first movementofLet’s Play, the violin player – child – enters the scene playing pizzicato as if he was bored, while the flutist teases him and his movements to music invite the child to game/play music.

I’ll teach you,… The violin player plays the melody in the key while the flutist tries to participate in music- making. Since the flutist “makes mistakes”, the little performer on the violin gets “upset” (marked by the stars in score) making different movements and objections (sighing, lifting hands up, thumping on the floor, making  comments…).

Catch me if you can – Kids love speed and games such as “catch me”. The flutist “chases” and catches the violinist at the end of the piece.

The piece was dedicated to Dunja Kalamir (violin player, 5 years old) and Stana Krstajić (flute). Duration approximately 5 minutes depending of the duration of “acted” fragments.