The Ensemble Alternance, a flexible group of soloists, whose goals include developing, integrating and exploiting the anchorage of temporal passages as well as cultural and new instrumental rotations in the vast expanse of music of our time. And then to confront these with works from the distant and near past.

Instrumental gestures are thereby renewed and new horizons opened. Consequently, priority is given to premiering works by true creators in major places such as the Berlin Konzerthaus, Geneva Archipel festival, Düsseldorf Tonhalle, New-York Guggenheim Museum, Indianapolis Bloomington University, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, Paris Museum of Louvre, IRCAM, Bremen Nordradio, Royal Library Copenhagen … Such a new way of envisioning music enables us to hear or re-hear enlightened works by the likes of Boulez, Cage, Ligeti, Crumb, Scelsi, de Pablo, Klaus Huber or to discover new works by striking young composers such as Philippe Hersant, Philippe Schoeller, Mauro Lanza, Bruno Mantovani, Philipp Maintz, Raphaël Cendo, Mark André, Jean-Noël von der Weid.

The Ensemble Alternance