Natasa Bogojevic

Nataša Bogojević (1966, Serbia/USA) studied composition and orchestration with Prof. Srđan Hofman at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, electronic music with composer Vladan Radovanović at the Electronic Studio of Radio Belgrade 3, and film music with Ennio Simeone in Italy.
In 1995, she continued her performing, composing, and teaching career in Chicago, where she teaches at DePaul University and her own studio, Musica Natasha.
For the most part, she composes works for chamber ensembles as well as vocal, film, and stage music, works for symphony orchestra, etc.
In 2017, she won the prestigious US Joseph Jefferson Award for her original music for a play based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s A Gentle Crea-ture (Кроткая). Her other major awards include the 10 Best at the UNESCO Review of Composers in Paris, the Octo-ber Prize of the City of Belgrade, and the Composers’ Association of Serbia Award.
Works by Bogojević have been commissioned and performed by renowned soloists, ensembles, and orchestras worldwide, while a biography of Bogojević appears in multiple editions of Who Is Who in Music as well as The World of Women in Classical Music by Dr Anna Gray (Seven Locks Press, 2007).
Dissolvenza means “vanishing, something fading away, fading out”… in film editing, dissolvenza (dissolve) denotes a gradual transition between two shots, one temporal image blending into an-other.

In Dissolvenza for string orchestra, I sought to explore the possibility of synthesising the Serbian folk music idiom with urban American minimalism.
The orchestra is divided into solo parts. The pitch of “A ~ 440” gradually comes to life out of silence, multiplies and mixes with pedal points using the same note but differing in timbre, dynamics, and articulation. This static sonic surface gives rise to the crystallisation of embryos of simple melo-dies, representing my memories of old folk songs. At the moment of culmina-tion, fragments of these quasi-familiar melodies turn into repetitive “urban murals”, returning the musical flow to the initial tone, A, but this time vanishing, dying away into motionless sound floating in space, and then ennobled by silence.
The piece was premièred on 30 November 2016 at the Students’ Cultural Centre in Belgrade by the Metamorphosis ensemble led by Ivan Mar-ković.