Svetlana Savić

Svetlana Savić (b. 1971, Serbia) is a Full professor at the Department for composition of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Since 2011 she has also taught at the Interdisciplinary studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade. She has collaborated with renowned soloists, ensembles and orchestras such as the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, RTS Symphony Orchestra, Academic choir Collegium musicum, Belgrade Strings, St George Strings, Ensemble for new music, Construction Site ensemble, Ensemble Metamorphosis, Belgrade Chamber orchestra Ljubica Marić, Trio Pokret, and others.

About the piece

Three Autumn Nights are based on a true story. This piece is dedicated to Neda Hofman-Sretenović.

During three autumn nights, three night butterflies flew into my apartment. Trying not to hurt them (covered with a plastic cotton candy bucket), I took them out and let them fly into the dark. Someone told me, a long time ago, that they are the souls of our dear ones from ‘another’ world. It really seemed like we knew each other. I spoke to them softly, as with close friends. I think some of them came back more than once. It was very strange to have so many visitors, so many nights. But, that was a message. Now I know they came to tell me something. Now I know they were sent as a consolation. And I know they are free.