Mirjana Veljković

Mirjana Veljković (b. 1984) graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Niš, Department of Music pedagogy in 2007. He finished undergraduate studies of composition in 2019, and master studies in composition in 2020 at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of prof. Tatjana Milošević Mijanović. Mirjana’s piece Vlasinka won Thrid prize at the 1st International Alkema Composition Contest in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2012. She took part at the international Orthodox Music Festival 2015 Saint Petersburg (Russia). Since 2008 she has worked at the School of Music “Vojislav Lale Stefanović” in Užice. She is the second year student of the Doctoral academic studies of composition in the class of Tatjana Milošević Mijanović. Mirjana’s suite for piano Zvona [Bells] is published in the new edition of the piano collection IMAGINACIJE; pijanističko stvaralaštvo mladih srpskih kompozitora [IMAGINATIONS: works for the piano by young Serbian composers, 2022], edited by the pianist and professor Miloš Pavlović.

About the piece

Vavel (confusion) for wind quintet is inspired by the chirping of birds, Romanian folklore and church song “Voskresenije tvoje Hriste Spase” [Thy Resurrection, O Christ Our Savior] of the second mode of the Byzantine Octoich. The piece was composed in 2020.