Dragana  Jovanović

Dragana Jovanović (1963, Serbia), DMA, associate professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, is a composer of a poly-stylistic and poly-generic orientation. Her oeuvre comprises artistic, popular, and applied music. This synergy of divergent fields of interest and activities has reflected on her singular musical language and approach to music and teaching. Her works have had successful performances in Serbia and abroad.

Drei Homöopathiestücke (Phosphoricum Acidum C 148, Arnica Montana C 58, Tarentula hispanica C 142) – the title of this piece in three movements stems from the names of three homeopathic treatments. Each one of them describes a different condition, as well as the energy field it affects. In turn, the name of the trio Pokret (Movement) evokes the moving power of Phosphorus and Tarentula, whereas Arnica alleviates pain and stops haemorrhages… In German medicine, homeopathic treatments are very common, which is why the piece bears German titles. The treatments’ stated potencies (C 148, C 58, and C 142) are fictional and refer to the respective tempi of the work’s three movements. In that sense, this deliberate ‘misleading’ is meant to engender an optimistic approach to life, as well as to the recovery of the body, spirit, and music.