Vladimir Korać

Vladimir Korać (1986, Serbia) holds a BA and MA from the composition class of Prof. Srđan Hofman at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral degree in composition at the same institution, supervised by Prof. Zoran Erić.
Korać has attended a number of master-classes, including KompArt, International Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-Budapest, Sarajevo Sonic Studio, Donaueschinger Musiktage, and Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, where he worked with Profs. Nigel Osborne, Philippe Manoury, Raphaël Cendo, Mark Andre, Pierluigi Billone, Georges Aperghis, Enno Poppe, Simon Steen-Andersen, and Agostino Di Scipio. His oeuvre so far includes works for solo instruments, various chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra, electronics, and electro-acoustic works.
Works by Korać have been performed in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Austria, at festivals such as KoMA (Belgrade), Festum (Belgrade), KompArt (Novi Sad, Serbia), ISA (Mürzzuschlag, Austria), Sarajevo Sonic Studio(Sarajevo), Die jüngste Musik unserer Zeit (Graz, Austria), Izlog suvremenog zvuka (Zagreb), Vienna International Saxfest (Vienna), and Lange Nacht der zeitgenössische Musik (Zurich).
In 2015, he won first award at Rudolf Brucci Competition in Contemporary Composition in Novi Sad, for his work Fragments of Green.

Reflections, for flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, violoncello, double bass, and piano, was composed in 2016, inspired by a sound sample recorded when NASA’s probe Juno entered the magnetosphere of Jupiter. The composer then subjected the sample to detailed spectral analysis, in order to identify and create the basic harmonic foundation of the piece, which was then, during the composition of the work, subjected to additional changes in line with the operation of frequency modulation synthesis in electronic music. This (pre)composition stage was then followed by shaping the piece according to the author’s reflections on the sample.