The Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble from Belgrade, Serbia, was founded in late 2011, by the pianist Neda Hofman. Her goal was to organize a group of musicians who shared the same interests and enthusiasm for modern music. Construction Site has twenty members who are all renowned performers with great experience in interpretation of contemporary repertoire. They play in different combinations (from duo to large chamber ensembles), and often perform soloist literature as well.
Their repertoire consists of 20th and 21st century music, especially of pieces that represent the historical development of modern music. Construction Site also makes recordings of compositions written by Serbian and international authors. The ensemble regularly performs pieces of music dedicated to them.
The Artistic Director and the President of Construction Site is Neda Hofman, and the Vice President is Goran Marinković.
Members of the Ensemble are: Neda Hofman, Galja Vranešević (pianos), Mirjana Nešković, Miloš Petrović (violins), Ljubomir Milanović (viola), Srđan Sretenović (violoncello), Boban Stošić (double-bass), Marina Nenadović (flute), Sanja Romić (oboe), Veljko Klenkovski (clarinet), Goran Marinković (bassoon), Mladen Đorđević (trumpet), Aleksandar Benčić (trombone), Milan Roksandić (French horn), Ivan Marjanović (percussion), Relja Turudić (guitar), Ana Radovanović (mezzo-soprano), Vladimir Dinić (baritone), Milena Stanišić (harp), and Dušan Petrović (saxophone).