Vladimir Tošić (1949, Serbia), composer, multimedia artist, full time professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He studied composition with prof. Vasilije Mokranjac at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

He was awarded first prize at the Thomas Bloch composition contest (Paris, 2000).

Vladimir Tošić’s pieces are regularly performed at national and international concert halls and festivals of contemporary music throughout the world: 2009, Kansas City (USA); 2008, Florida (USA); 2006, Duluth (USA), Las Vegas (USA); 2006, Kassel (Germany); 2004, Lima (Peru); 2003, Sardinia (Italy); 2002, Florida (USA); 2001, Sao Paolo (Brazil); 2000, Sao Paolo (Brazil), Bowling Grin (USA), Philadelphia (USA)…

Vladimir Tošić’s pieces were published on numerous CD editions in Serbia and the USA, among which the CD MELANGE stands out (PGP RTS 2000).

The basis of the composer’s creative approach is the reductionist principle of construction. All his works are processual, repetitive and based on a very small number of different elements, sometimes even one (color, rhythm, harmony…).

The most important pieces: Varial, Dual, Trial, Voksal, Fisija, Fuzija, Altus…

The piece Silabial for flute, bassoon/bass clarinet and piano was constructed on a kind of free canonic dialogue of two instruments – bass and soprano – that bring somewhat varied material, with the piano part that shapes the pulse line and harmonic basis.

The basic material of the piece consists of a row of eight pitches of the harmonic scale. This material undergoes variation of different types in the three sections of the piece.

To the well-known, important features of my previous pieces, such as: processual organization, repetitiveness, symmetry etc, I now added faster tempo and more vivid rhythmics as a means of connecting events in time. In respect to the majority of my earlier pieces the strictness of the realization of the process is loosened in favour of more acceptable acoustic solutions.