Anica Sabo

Anica Sabo (1954/Serbia) – She acquired her diploma (1980) and master degree (1986) in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (with S. Rajičić and S. Hofman), and completed two years of bassoon studies at the same institution. In 2014, she defended her PhD thesis titled The Manifestation of Symmetry in Musical Form – Issues of Analyses Methodology at the University of Arts in Belgrade, department for Theory of Art and Media. She holds the position of a full professor at the Department for Music Theory of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

Her activities encompass both compositional and theoretical work. As a composer, she mostly creates in the domain of chamber music. Lately, most of her inspiration comes from literary works. The focal points of her research in music theory and analyses are the questions of symmetry and musical form. An important place in her theoretical output is also reserved for Serbian music.

Telling, music for string orchestrais a substantially different version of the same name piece, created more than two decades ago. The subject of the 24th International Review of Composers – A Music Box – was the impetus to further emphasize specific situations from the score that can point to certain characteristics of a music box. Changes were made in the areas of the treatment of sound and orchestra, ways of playing, registers, as well as by adding certain musical segments, in order to bring the original score closer to the main theme of this year’s Review.