Katerina di Ceka

Katerina Di Cecca (1984, Italy). Awarded in important international composi-tion competitions ([‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum – Mons, George Enescu International Composition Competition – Bucharest, Biennale College Music – Venice, Franco Donatoni International Meeting for Young Composers ‐ Milan), she has received commissions by several institutions in-cluding the Ernst von Siemens Foundation, the Divertimento Ensemble, the Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival, the Biennale di Venezia, the Riot Ensemble, the World Exposition 2015 and the Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, for which she was also Composer‐in‐Residence.
Her scores, selected in many international calls for scores and conducted among others by Carlo Rizzari, Jean– Paul Dessy, Gregory Charette and Sandro Gorli, have been programmed in Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and USA by renowned ensembles and orchestras such as Neue Vo-calsolisten, Ensemble Mosaik, Musiques Nouvelles, Divertimento Ensemble, Riot Ensemble, Ensemble Oerknal!, Lviv Virtuosos String Orchestra, Collegium Musicum Chamber Orchestra and Versipel New Music.

And we are like fruits (Und wie Früchte sind wir ) is a sen-tence from Rilke’s ‘Notizen zur Melodie der Dinge’. In this work, the poet speaks about the cyclicity that connects humans and the Earth.
This vision is at the basis of the formal structure of my piece. Each presented event is cyclic and it returns to the starting point before proceeding seamlessly to the next. In the end of the work there is a combination and amalgamation of the previous moments.