Hanan Hadzajlic

Hanan Hadžajlić (1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina) holds a BA and MA degree in flute from the class of Prof. Sakib Lačević at the Music Academy of the University of Sarajevo. She also holds a BA and MA degree in composition from the same institution, where she was supervised by Prof. Ališer Sijarić. She is currently a doctoral student of flute supervised by Prof. Ljubiša Jovanović and co-supervised by Prof. Vesna Mikić at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade; she is also pursuing a PhD in transdisciplinary studies in contemporary art and media under the supervision of Prof. Andrija Filipović and Prof. Miodrag Šuvaković at the Faculty of Media and Communication in Belgrade. She has participated in composition seminars led by Heiner Goebbels, Philippe Manoury, Peter Ablinger, Vinko Globokar, Wolfgang Rihm, Dieter Ammann, and Michel van der Aa. She was a fellow at the Science Underground Academy in 2016 and Lucerne Festival Composer Seminar in 2017. Works by Hadžajlić have been performed in many countries of Europe, Israel, and the US. She is a member of SONEMUS (Society of New Music Sarajevo) and director of INSAM (Institute of Contemporary Art Music, Sarajevo).

A Thousand Plateaus: Hommage à Deleuze & Guattari for flute / bass flute and processors (2017/2018) is based on Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s philosophical notion of rhizome introduced in their major work, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, through six principles, mirrored in the six parts of this musical cycle: 1. Connection, 2. Heterogeneity, 3. Multiplicity, 4. Asignifying Rupture, 5. Cartography, and 6. Decalcomania. These principles form the basis of six compositional models of work, with several types of basic material throughout the piece. The components for sound modulation developed in the score comprise analogue and digital processors.