Dragana S Jovanovic

Dragana S. Jovanović (Serbia), DMA , associate professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She has won a number of awards in various genres of music, both in Serbia and abroad, such as Composer of the Year in 2017 by the Muzika klasika journal (Belgrade); recipient of the Silver Medal of the University of Arts in Belgrade (2017); the Golden Badge (Zlatna značka) of the Culture and Education Association of Serbia, for making an enduring con-tribution to the culture of Serbia (2010); second prize at 2 Agosto International Composing Competition in Bologna, Italy, for her piece AB RE 1999 for electric guitar and symphony orchestra; an award from the Stevan Hristić Foundation for Usijanje (Incandescence), her final BA project; and a Silver Medal of the Univer-sity of Arts in Belgrade.
She was a jury member at a number of Serbian and foreign composition competitions. She works in both absolute and applied music. Her sphere of interest includes multimedia projects as well. She is also active in production. She has published two books of harmony exercises (Praktikum 1 i 2). She earned a doctoral degree in art – composition by successfully defending her work Jurijev krug – Teleportacijska svita za vokalno-instrumentalni an-sambl i elektroniku (The Circle of Yuri – A Teleportation Suite for a Vo-cal-instrumental Ensemble and Electronics).
In addition to numerous performances of her pieces in concerts in Serbia and abroad, Jovanović has also had four concerts featuring only her music.

Quasi la Nuova Musica Barocca is a piece in several movements (1. Follia in Cinque, 2. Serio e Gio-co, 3. Intermezzo, 4. Scherzo Fugato e… 5. Epilogo), initiated by the Belgrade Baroque ensemble, to whom it is dedicated. It is entirely focused on neo-baroque elements, including para-phrases, baroque motoric rhythms, and formal construction in line with Jo-vanović’s own personal poetics. Distinctively authentic performances of the piece by this brilliant ensemble using original baroque instruments have contributed to the work’s positive reception both in Serbia and abroad.