Ivan Kjareli

Ivan Chiarelli (Brasil/Germany) is a Brazilian born composer, producer and per-former based in Berlin. His works – ranging from live performance pieces, site-specific sound installations, theater and audiovisual media – are rooted in soundscape and musical narrative, with special interest in contemporary politi-cal and social events, and have been performed in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Ivan was the invited composer at Bilgi’s New Music Festival #9 (Turkey, 2018), and also awarded at the Festival Música Nova (Brazil 2008). He is a graduate from the São Paulo State University, and a co-founder of the in-visibili(cidades) sound art collective.

vocabulary of loneliness (2016-18)
A musical approach to the Collatz conjecture – a mathematical problem that posits that, regardless of your starting point, by following through a certain procedure you always come to the same final sequence of numbers (4-2-1) – vocabulary of lonelinessis a musing on past & present, and on the con-struction of both identity and difference through repetition.