Dragan Latincic

Dragan Latinčić (Srbija) studied composition at the Belgrade Faculty of Music (class of prof. academician Vlastimir Trajković). He earned his doctorate in 2014 with the composition Batal, preludes for string orchestra. At the same university he works as assistant professor. He attended several summer and winter courses of composition (Summer Academy Pra-gue-Wien-Budapest ISA06 (Austria, 2006), Young composers meeting (Neth-erlands, 2007), and, Acanthes (France, 2008)). His compositions are performed in different European countries. He is the winner of Spe­cial price of the Sum-mer Academy ISA06 and Price of the City of Belgrade for young artists for composition Whispering for two violas (2007). His art songs Hladno Šišmiš Huji were published in the international magazine The Signal.
He is the author of the books: Microintervals in spectral geometry (2015), and, Spectral Trigonometry (Establishing the Universal Musical-Mathematical Analysis) (2017), published by Andrejević Foundation, and, also, the author of a scientific papers: Microintervals in spectral geometry, and, The application of the Pythagorean Theorem to the temporality of rhythmical projections of indi-vidual spectrum harmonics published in scietific magazine Serbian Science Today by Andrejević Foundation.

Lijane (Lianas) was commissioned by the Belgrade Baroque ensemble. The piece comprises three movements: Canon, Danse, and Tâla. The metric-rhythmic basis of the piece is dominated by the technique of horizontal hemiolas that is typi-cal of Sub-Saharan polyphonic music. Scordatura tuning is applied to all the instruments. The first violin and viola da gamba are tuned a semitone lower, following the harpsichord standard pitch: a1 = 415.30 Hz, while the second violin and viola are tuned three quarters of a semitone lower (a1 = 403.48 Hz).
The extra-musical idea of the piece relates to the biological form of a liana, featuring a long, thin, and flexible stem. Lianas are typically found in tropical rainforests, but exist in other ecosystems as well.