Milana Stojadinovic Milic

Milana Stojadinović Milić (1962, Serbia), MA, composer and associate professor at the Music Theory Department of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Stoja­dinović Milić has authored a number of orchestra and chamber works for various instrumental and vocal ensembles, solo and choral music. Her works have been premièred and reprised many times in Serbia and abroad, released on CDs, including the international project Savremena simfonijska muzika Balkana (Contemporary Symphonic Music in the Balkans). She has collaborated with many pre-eminent performers, chamber and orchestra ensembles, Serbian and foreign alike. Stojadinović Milić has won a number of awards and authored several publicly presented and published works in research and theory. A biographic entry on her appears in seven editions of the lexicon Who is Who in Classical Music, published by Europa Publications from UK.

Čudotvorna kolajna (The Miraculous Medallion) for two baroque violins, baroque viola, viola da gamba, and harpsichord
The miraculous medallion creates miracles.
You wear it around your neck, close to you heart and soul.
It consists of eight semiprecious stones, endowed with beneficial effects. You just need to believe…
AVENTURINE – prosperity; intense green
AGATE – wellbeing and harmony; various colours
TOURMALINE – positive vibrations; glistening black
TOPAZ – “the consoler”; clear, light-blue
CARNELIAN – life energy; orange-red
AMETHYST – soothing, spiritual; crystal-clear in various colours
TURQUOISE – happiness; fluorescent
SELENITE – angel energy; light-bluish like a diamond
By a happy coincidence, the number of movements in this piece is likewise eight. According to some peoples’ beliefs, this number brings luck.
Its points of contact with the baroque musical domain are likewise coincidental…
What is not coincidental is my gratitude to the members of the Belgrade Baroque ensemble, who initiated the composition of this piece. I was impressed and inspired by their art of performance and so… the medallion is dedicated to them… especially to the violinist Katarina Popović, who believed…
By the way, the origin of the word kolajna (medal, medallion) is Italian, meaning a “medal, necklace, neckband; a tablet engraved with a symbol and suspended on a ribbon, presented in recognition of merit…”