Katori Simicu

Chatori Shimizu (1990, Japan/Germany) is a Berlin based composer, shō per-former, and sound artist, who constructs his works for a wide range of medi-ums concerning the time identity in sound. Ranging from orchestral works to sound installations, all of his works engage in repetitive patterns of sound mo-tifs, which aims for the slightest change in the pattern to act as an accent. As the First Prize Winner of Malta International Composition Competition, Shimi-zu’s works have been performed and exhibited throughout Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States. Shimizu has been awarded fellowships from Columbia University School of the Arts, Institute of Medieval Japanese Studies, the Mitsubishi Foundation, Omi International Arts Center, Soundstreams, Toshiba Foundation, Yaddo, among others. His music scores are published from United Music & Media Publishing, Belgium. Shimizu was born in Osaka, Japan, and spent his formative years in Singapore. He obtained his MFA in Sound Arts from Columbia Univer-sity, New York City, and received his BA in Computer Music from Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, as a recipient of the Arima Prize, the highest honor bestowed upon the graduating class. He currently studies composition under Mark Andre in Hochschule für Musik Dresden.

Shiki to Unkai V was composed while in resi-dency at the Corporation of Yaddo, NY in June 2017. Inspirations for Shiki to Unkai V came on the summit of Mt. Fuji, overlooking thun-derstorms in the sea of clouds below. Repetition of delicate and subtle musical phrases in the lower registers meddle through the work, which makes a slight change in the pattern, or the sudden silence, an accent. This work was premi-ered in Saint-Martin Vésubie, France, on July 15, 2017, by Alain Billard and Nicolas Crosse