BC BRASS is an ensemble comprising renowned musicians from Slovenia, Ser-bia, and Croatia with many years of experience not only in chamber and solo music-making, but also in leading positions in orchestras.
The members of the ensemble comprise: Mario Lončar, trumpet, soloist of the Zagreb Philharmonic; Mladen Đorđević, trumpet, soloist of the Belgrade Philharmonic and professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade; Marko Ilić, trombone, soloist of the Slovenian Philharmonic; Viktor Kirčenkov, French horn, soloist of the Zagreb Philharmonic; and Krunoslav Babić, tube-player at the Zagreb Philharmonic.
Their high quality and originality have pushed BC BRASS right to the top of the field of chamber music-making, owing to the experience and quality of all five members of the ensemble, who acquired and perfected their skills with the most renowned experts in the region and abroad, winning thus far a num-ber of prizes and awards.
All five members of the ensemble are regularly active in chamber and solo capacities in their respective countries, while their coming together in a quin-tet is a unique instance of blending differences into a homogeneous whole in the Balkan region.
Since their establishment in 2011, the ensemble have performed in Bel-grade, Zagreb, Budva and Cetinje, Zadar, Makarska, Split, Vinkovci, Pančevo, etc., presenting themselves to the musical public in the territory of former Yugoslavia with ample success.
The quintet’s repertoire comprises works from the baroque era to contemporary authors, some of which are brass arrangements of works by well-known masters (Bach, Handel, Mozart, Rossini), while the rest are pieces by contemporary regional authors originally written for a brass quintet.
At this year’s Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), they gave a concert titled Opera Brass, to promote their first CD, whose release is forthcoming.

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