Ugo Rajmondi

Ugo Raimondi (Italy) graduated in Piano from the Nicola Sala Conservatory and in Composition from the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory. In the last few years he took part in several composition contests, both national and international, winning awards such as the 1st Prize and Honorable mention at the Città di Albenga 1st Composition contest; 1st prize at the Mandanici 18th and 21th national contest; 1st prize at the V A. Falconio composition competition, 1st prize at the International composition competition of the Franz Schubert Konservatorium Vienna, 2020 edition (category 4); 1st prize at the 27th International Music Competition in Cortemilia (Cat. B); 1st Prize at the CMC International composition competition 2020 of Atlanta (USA); 1st Prize at the MaestrosVision Awards 2022 (China), 3st Prize at the 3rd International Composers Competition New Music Generation 2021 (Kazakhstan). His music is played in Italy, Germany, Iran, Norway, and USA.

About the piece

The piece Il culto del dio Fujin describes the prayer of a pilgrim on a mountain. He prays to Fujin, the Japanese wind god. The piece begins with several references to the element of air, through which you can hear the voice of the god Fujin. When the winds have subsided, the pilgrim begins his prayer to Fujin, who responds with the melodic fragment previously heard and entrusted to the voice of the performer. The pilgrim becomes more enterprising, trying to approach the god in a spirited manner, sure of having entered into his graces. Fujin rejects him! The winds return and the voice of God among them, angrier than before. The second invocation gradually transforms into a new twister that tests him. Fujin is convinced by the man’s soul and agrees to rejoin with him. The piece ends with Fujin’s voice manifesting itself and guiding the pilgrim towards the final destination.