Teodora Stepančić

Teodora Stepančić is a composer, pianist and organizer. Born in Belgrade and based in Brooklyn, Teodora has been integral to the inception of many musical groups and scenes. She is a founding member of Ensemble SZ and pianist of Ensemble Modelo62 in the Netherlands. In the US, she founded the Piano+ concert series in Brooklyn, now in its fifth season, and LCollective, a group dedicated to performance of challenging musical works in inclusive and unconventional environments around which grew an engaged community of artists and friends.

Appearances as composer and performer include Klangraum (Düsseldorf), Hawler Theater Festival (Erbil), DogStar (LA), Musical Biennale Zagreb, Musical Ecologies (NY), Sacred Realism (Berlin), BBC Proms, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Darmstadt, International review of composers (Belgrade). She collaborated with Red Desert, Mise-En, Ghost Ensemble, Asko-Schoenberg, Holland Symfonia, StudioŠest, among others.
Her work has been released on Another Timbre, Dumpf, Edition Wandelweiser, Infrequent Seams, Indexical, Other Minds, World Editions, Love Records.

About the piece

places, keyboards: accordion for accordion and tape, composed for Branko Džinović, is the third piece from the cycle places, keyboards:_. The tape part is made from four different accordion recordings, each in a different place: corridor, street, bedroom, hall. All four recordings are heard simultaneously, creating harmonies from different accordion chords and environmental sounds. One by one, they end, until we are left only with the live playing accordion. All sounds are part of the experience, they coexist and complement each other in some abstract, imaginary reality.