Igor Andrić

Igor Andrić (1996) in 2014 he enrolled in the studies of composition with Isidora Žebeljan at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He is currently pursuing the Doctoral academic studies at the same faculty, where he is also employed as a teaching assistant at the Chair for composition. His music has been performed all over Serbia, but also in France, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Hong Kong, Cyprus. His suite for accordion Taraf de Haidouks was commissioned by the accordionist Goran Stevanović, who premiered the piece in Bremen (Germany). Andrić’s Piano trio No. 1 was selected for the finale of the Intimacy of Creativity 2019 competition in Hong Kong. In 2020 he composed the piece Parhelion for the cellist Nemanja Stanković and his CD Tragovi. Since March 2021 he is the featured artist of the Universal Edition publishing house (Vienna), which publishes all his works. He is the winner of the Composer Slam competition in 2022 in Hannover (Germany), organised by the ensemble Orchester im Treppenhaus.

About the piece

Mozaik [Mosaic] for string quartet was commissioned by the Leskovac Cultural Center for the Strings festival, where it was premiered in 2022. The title of the piece suggests the mosaicity of the entire form and of selected music material, thus these two components of music are interdependent. This principle of composition was carried through both movements of the quartet.