Milana Stojadinović-Milić

Milana Stojadinović-Milić has so far written pieces for orchestra (Mimikrija, Aurora borealis – A Symphonic Scene, Duo simbolico for piano and symphony orchestra…), a number of pieces for various chamber instrumental and vocal-instrumental ensembles (Neoromantiko 2, Suze, Glas monahinje, Čudotvorna kolajna, Desankin diptih…), music for solo instruments and choral music. Her works had premieres and numerous subsequent performances in Serbia and abroad, they were recorded and released on several anthology and special editions. She has collaborated with eminent Serbian and foreign soloists and conductors, orchestras and chamber ensembles. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies of composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (in the class of Aleksandar Obradović), where she now works as a full professor of music theory at the Department of composition.

About the piece

Sonatica in N , in its entirety and its every atom, represents the reflection of the artistic personality and character of the pianist Nataša Mitrović. Not only that the piece is dedicated to her, but it was also composed upon her kind incentive, and she premiered the piece in 2022. Therefore, because the piece is fully “made to measure” – making a few remarks about this music would be the same as briefly describing Nataša herself… so let me try: romantically rhapsodic, mosaic, lyrical, cheerful and timid, and yet a bit melancholic and sometimes sad, pure and unpretentious, full of contrasts, childish and fluttery, but also very – very serious…